Monday, December 21, 2009

Busy Making Cards

I was unable to post anything here for the past few days. I was so busy making last minute Christmas cards for families and friends and for my daughter's classmates.
I hope to be able to get my regular "life" back once the holiday season is over.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Arts Stock

My hubby gave me an early Christmas gift when he came back from San Francisco few days ago. He bought me so many 3-D ready-made stickers which I can use on my handmade cards craft. Not only that, he bought card stocks and some patterned papers for my Valentine's Day cards.

Isn't he the sweetest?!?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Card - Felt Mania's Mr. Frosty

This is the very first Christmas card or should I say, the very first handmade card I made (apart from the trial and error birthday card).

I call this my Felt Mania's Mr. Frosty. Why Felt Mania? Because I used felt for the main topper which is Mr. Frosty the Snowman.

Do you want to make one? Here's how and what you need:

Fabric felt - white, black, brown, orange and red
Fabric glue
A4 Green cardstock or other Christmas hues but dark tones for the base
Red and light green cardstocks as mat for the Christmas sentiment
Permanent marker with fine tip (I use Pilot brand. They have various felt tip sizes.)
Shape-cutting scissors - small scallop
Gel pen for the handwritten sentiment
Glue stick

Fold the A4 card stock in half. Use it as your base card.
Cut with the scallop-blade scissors the light green and red cardstocks and glue together. Set aside.
Use gel pen to write the Christmas sentiment on the center of the red cardstock.
Cut the white fabric felt in 3 sizes of circles for the Mr. Frosty. Glue together using the fabric glue.
Cut out long triangular shaped nose from the orange felt.
Cut out red fabric felt for the scarf and gloves.
Cut out small twig-like shape from the brown fabric felt to be use as arms.
Glue the nose, gloves and scarf using the fabric glue to Mr. Frosty.
Cut out black fabric felt to the shape of a top hat and glue on Mr. Frosty's head.
Dot the eyes and mouth (to look like coals!) of Mr. Frosty with the permanent marker.
Glue the cardstock mats slightly off-center and glue Mr. Frosty on the sentiment.

There you have it, your felt Mr. Frosty card.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What Type of Card Will I Make?

This question keeps nagging me? What type of card will I make? The answer is pretty simple, do whatever pleases you. Christmas is in the air so I am making tons of Christmas cards. I make other occasion cards too but not as much as the Christmas cards at this time.

My tip will be is to always follow your heart when you make cards. It doesn't really matter if you make a Halloween card in the middle of summer as long as you have the idea and the desire to make one, go for it. Don't let that creative juice run dry.